Because of Internet technology, it is now faster, simpler and easier to get the right person for the job!

The Apollo Select© Internet recruiting solution has computerised forms and processes to practically guarantee that you will be able to appoint someone, confident that they are the right person for the job.

One of the most common (and critical) mistakes made is failure to think the job requirement through, especially the personal attributes needed.

Unquestionably it is complex and difficult to source and evaluate people against a job requirement. Even fully qualified and professional human resources practitioners use many techniques and practices and tests for the difficult task of evaluating a person's suitability for a particular job, and don't always get it right!

The point is recruiting is a complex task, and special training and techniques are valuable aids. Some untrained recruiters make the same kind of mistakes time and time again without knowing what they are doing wrong.

The result is another misfit of a square peg in a round hole, with all the difficulties and under-performance costs involved.

A lifetime of experience, knowledge and innovation in the recruiting industry has resulted in the simple 8 step process Apollo Select© that anybody can follow and do.

Unless all you want is someone with a pulse and heartbeat, most jobs require a few "special attributes".Is it technical competence, or sales skills, or customer service ability, or capability for complex thinking, or dealing with conflict and stress? These critical attributes can determine the success or failure of a person in a role, but often remain unexpressed, unquantified, and unexplored in the recruitment process.

Fortunately the revolutionary Apollo Select© system helps employers determine the selection criteria, and then keep track of the whole recruitment process.

  • Do you know which attributes are most important?
  • Do you have an objective benchmark against which to compare such attributes?
  • How do you measure a person's leadership skills, or ability to deal with stress, or integrity, or time management, or current level of motivation and career commitment?

We read resumes, and conduct interviews, but often it turns out that a person we have high hopes for turns out to be a disappointment.

The good news is that research shows that properly validated psychometric tests statistically have a significantly higher ability to predict workplace behaviour, and are much more objective than interviews. Such tests are invariably used by large organisations with large budgets, because they recognise the power and value of them.

Further good news is that Apollo Select© provides a properly validated psychometric test fully integrated with the rest of the recruiting process. This information alone can prevent you making a big mistake! Far better to find out in advance that a person may have some issues, rather than when you have given them the job and problems start to occur.

Because assessing people is unavoidably complex, and there are usually a number of applicants to assess, it is very difficult to remember all the detail, and to keep track of the qualifications, abilities, work history, achievements etc of each applicant.

Apollo Select© keeps track for you, and automatically provides a percentage score matched to your criteria so that you can see all the data in one place, and objectively compare results. This is a great memory aid for weighing up the final decision, and ensures fairness to applicants.

8 Simple Steps To Getting The Right Staff

How does it work? (see flowchart below)

The key to it all is the Selection Criteria Form, which is built around the 8 steps to ensure you get the right staff in the right job.

The Selection Criteria Form compiles applicant information as you go, and performs a number of progressive calculations based on your input.

You have done everything possible to ensure that the applicant has qualities well matched to the job requirements.

You now have the knowledge to be confident of your decision that you have
(or don't have!) the right person for the job.


Most recruitment systems cost many thousands of dollars, and are complicated and cumbersome and designed for large organisations with large HR departments. Apollo Select© costs only $4000+gst, including 10 free units to get you started. Each unit allows you to assess one applicant, and costs only $25. If you decide to test that applicant, another unit of $25 is consumed. Many psychometric tests cost over $200 per candidate, with some costing $600+. The Apollo Profile psychometric test integrated with Apollo Select© is provided for only $25 per test.

Cost of the Apollo Select© system is only $4000 plus gst. This is often less than you would pay a consultant to help you with just one job, and you will have the Apollo Select© system available in future whenever you have another job to fill!

Our Service To You

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Our very comprehensive easy to follow Documented User Guides provided free as part of the package.

Further telephone and email support is available for $100 per half hour block if required.

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